One Of A Kind

This is a website I recently finished building, for the wonderful Maggie Sherman of One Of A Kind B’n’B in Burlington VT. It was designed by Linda Provost (also of Burlington). She and Maggie came up with the design and sent me PDFs, and then I rebuilt it as a website. It’s usually fun to work this way: I am challenged to figure things out that I might otherwise avoid.

One Of A Kind is a gorgeous little place with a truly spectacular view of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. And Maggie is an absolutely terrific person and a fabulous artist. I first met her when I visited the B’n’B to interview her for my Degree Project at Burlington College. She was really enthusiastic about my project and the ideas I was working on, which was so gratifying, and I have since learned that that is really her approach to life – great enthusiasm, a marvelous sense of humor, and art, always art.

So if you ever find yourself in Burlington, check out One Of A Kind and meet Maggie.

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