Pond Scum

Looks delicious, no? No? …well, I guess not. But it was! I just got the replacement parts for my blender and we are back in smoothie-making business.

I’m a big fan of fruit smoothies, especially using the variety frozen fruit packages with mango and pineapple, but lately I’ve enjoyed making more veggie concoctions. This one is 6-8 baby carrots, 4 clementines, several handfuls of raw spinach, and maybe 1 cup of orange juice. It made two nearly full 8oz glasses. And while it totally looks like Nessie might emerge at any moment, I assure you it tasted fresh and delightful.

2 Responses to “Pond Scum”

  1. Elsa Mora writes:

    Amanda, I love green smoothies and I drink them every single day. My favorite mix is:
    banana, kale, almond milk and flax powder. It’s fast to make and it makes me feel energetic for hours :)

  2. Amanda writes:

    I need to get some kale, couldn’t find organic in the grocery store lately. And flax powder is a great idea. I’ve heard chia seeds are good too.

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