Losing It

So you know how every time you move, things are mysteriously lost? For instance, my pink stuffed pig never showed up after a move my family made when I was 6 (I still miss you, Pinky Pig!).

This past move, I lost some very specific and necessary items: my scissors and my exacto knives. And I just cannot figure out what could have happened. We moved very slowly, with me packing during baby naps and the short times a 4 month old will happily amuse herself, and then my husband driving carloads out to the new house a couple times a day. At the end we used a borrowed pickup truck for the furniture. But there were no movers involved, no rented vehicles, no helpful friends who may have unsuspectingly hidden my cutting tools.

None of these things are expensive or hard to come by, so I suppose next chance I have to stop by a craft store replacements will be purchased. That’s not really the point though. It’s more just the mystery of it all: I’ve searched through art supply boxes, bins and drawers over and over to no avail. I’ve searched all the other boxes I can find. I’ve dug through the trunks of our cars. Where are my blades?!

The mugs of mostly worn out markers arrived fine, though. Naturally.

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