Vintage Bunny Illustration Party Invitations

Do you know the Graphics Fairy? Her site is a treasure trove of delightful illustrations, photographs, and ephemera, scanned at a high resolution and given away for free! I found this smart Gentleman Bunny there and used him for Baby Willow’s one year birthday party invitations.



We call the Baby our little Rabbit because she loves to jump and bounce, so I am going with a loose bunny theme for her party. It won’t be anything too fancy, and to be honest invitations were not at all necessary as most of the people coming were intending to be here anyway. But we must have documentation of these Big Life Events for the Baby Book if nothing else, no? So invitations were made.


I used my silhouette cutter for this project, cutting the printed bunny card, a lining on bright yellow paper with the party details, a coordinating red envelope to mail them out in style, and a butterfly sticker (graphic also from the Graphics Fairy website) to seal it all up. He’s a dapper Gentleman Bunny and I think he will deliver the news in fine style.


Here are the files I used, in case you might like to make your own little Bunny cards! These are PDF files, so you can print them and cut them out with scissors or a knife. The cards are about 4.5″ x 2.5″ when folded, and the envelopes are 5.25″ x 3.5″ (the smallest size allowed by the USPS). To assemble the envelope, fold the larger petal sides in along the gray fold lines. Dot glue on the glue mark to hold the sides together. Dot glue on the bottom end glue marks and fold it up. Fold the top side to crease. You can close the top with a pretty sticker or glue it shut as well once your card is inside.

button_bunnycardtemplate  button_bunnycardtemplate_interior  button_envelope  button_butterflysticker

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