Paint the Town

It started innocently enough. A few small fingerprints, a trail of tiny dots.

finger painting beginning

Baby’s first Paint Experience. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. I avoided the yogurt-as-paint adaptation because I’d rather not blur the lines between art and food unnecessarily. This is tempera. Non-toxic. Definitely not tasty (though to be honest I haven’t tried eating it, so…).

She wasn’t entirely sure at first. I showed her how a fingertip in the paint could make a line of fun dots across the page. Intriguing…

holiday finger painting

You know where this is going. I demonstrated a full handprint and then all bets were off. “More paint!” is what that pointing finger is saying quite clearly, though the words are still to come.

finger painting toddler


Putting color on the paper was fun. Squishing color between fingers and rubbing it into hair and into the crevices of the old highchair was more fun.
finger painting with a toddler

My photo documenting ends at this point. I can assure you, however, that this was only the beginning. The final masterpiece involved a lot more paint and a shirt that was decidedly no longer white.

finger painting fun

We have the final paintings hanging in the windows, of course. Where they can be admired by all. And she has requested painting again, with even better results. So, success. Absolutely.

On the second attempt, the actual painting even lasted longer than it took to set up!


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