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My week went off the tracks a bit yesterday and now I’m up way too late again, not finishing the work I should have completed. Another week nearly done. Breakfasts to plan for Inn guests this weekend and post-holiday cleaning to complete (what, it’s the middle of January already? How did that happen?!).

Here are a few things I’ve enjoyed this week, in case you need a weekend project, a new fact, or just a little distraction:

Moon Photos – we had a bright clear night with a nearly full moon this evening, so I got a few pictures. You really do need a decent zoom in order to really get a good shot, but other than that it’s amazingly simple to get an impressive image.

Rijksstudio – the Rijks Museum has made their collection available to the public via hi-resolution images that anyone can download and use. You can curate your own sets – using full images or cropped details of the art – and explore other user’s sets and projects.

Rembrandt Lion

We live very near Jefferson’s Monticello, and often take guests there. It is a very beautiful and interesting place, but my favorite part lately has been the GreenHouse in the Southeast Piazza and the potted trees. I’d like to grow a citrus tree in a pot, maybe an olive as well.

Did you know the Louvre is this old? I did not.

I’ve never had much luck with homemade tortillas, but these look really tasty. Tortilla making seems like a good solid skill to master.


Happy Friday!

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  1. Grampz writes:

    Good read, Amanda. Amazing about the Louvre.

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