Our Holiday Card

I really love the holiday card we sent out this year. Silhouettes are so fun – I think it is amazing how you can totally recognize a person just from their silhouette. So many friends and relatives who received these said they did a double take realizing the people on the card are really us!

silhouette holiday card

I took photos of each of us in profile, then traced them in adobe illustrator. Getting the bodies right was the hardest part; sometimes parts look very strange when you can’t see where they are coming from or how they attach! I think my favorite part is baby’s little ponytail and her bangs hanging down over her eyes like they always do because she won’t keep barrettes in for very long.

I am looking forward to more silhouettes and to researching a bit into their history. At Monticello, in Jefferson’s library, there are several silhouettes that our guide told us were made of people Jefferson met or were brought back to him from the expeditions he was involved with. Silhouettes were kind of like snapshots, which I think is just enormously neat.


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