Friday Links – Catching Up

An eternity is the time from when an airplane has landed to when you are allowed to disembark. It is also the definition of March. We aren’t giving up hope, we know Spring will come as it always has. We have garden beds turned over, thanks to a gardening friend who visited last week. Seeds are waiting. I’m pinning Spring projects and Summer plans. The forsythia buds are so ready to burst that the branches I brought in flowered in one day.

Any day now… we are ready!

In the meantime, here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

– We recently hit the final “publish” on this new website for artist and teacher Sarah Amos. She is a printmaker and multimedia artist and offers workshops in her incredible Vermont studio.


Mixing It Up Gluten Free Baking is another site I built. It has been up and running for a while now and it is so great to see them doing really well! Turns out Linda is the only gluten free baker in our area who has an online shop and she is really noticing a benefit from it.

– But enough about me. How about an article recalling the Dalai Lama learning about skiing in New Mexico? (found via)

– My brother-in-law’s Vegetables on Black photos are now for sale online at Living Traditional Arts Shop. Class up your kitchen!

– George R.R. Martin talks about the Iron Throne, Tolkien, human complexities, plot twists, his dislike for deadlines, and more in this Vanity Fair interview. “There’s always this tension between fiction and life. Fiction has more structure than life does. But we have to hide the structure. We have to hide the writer, I think, and make a story seem like it was true. Too many stories are too structured and too familiar. The way we read, the way we watch television, the way we go to movies, all give us certain expectations of how a story is going to go.” — he seems neat.

– I used to babysit this girl and now she is all grown up and making these fantastic pieces of pottery. Those two things are not at all related – she comes from an incredibly talented family – but I’m proud to know her!


Happy Weekend!

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