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Cross Country

We traveled West to East today. Getting up at 5:30am was rough – dark, cold, goodbyes to be said. Baby thought it all a grand adventure, and it is hard to be grumpy, even early in the morning, with a laughing baby spitting raspberries at you. I took this picture as we left the crazy […]

A New Year

We began the new year with a short walk in the desert just before sunset. My parents and their little dog, Baby and C. and I along a little dirt road. It was chilly but bright and the cacti stood tall against the blue Arizona sky. We drove the desert loop road afterwards, stopping for […]

Life is Amazing

Have you ever had one of those moments where you can almost comprehend how incredible life is? I remember it happening once in first grade. It’s the only time I can actually remember vividly – I was sitting sideways on a little wooden chair in our classroom and was suddenly overwhelmed by the knowledge that […]