Our Itsy-Bitsy Home

our little house

As of last week, we are the owners of this little matchbox home in Charlottesville, Virginia. We have big plans and a tiny budget: a challenge for sure, but an exciting one! This is the listing photo, so it already looks a bit different, but there are many more updates and re-arrangements to be done to fit our family. I can’t wait to get rid of that red trim for one thing, though that might have to wait until spring since it’s become remarkably chilly in these parts the last few days.

The house was built in the 1950s and had one family living in it until it went on the market this year. The children who grew up there were the sellers and they seemed to really care about the house. After having been through some pretty sketchy places in our house search – looking on the low end of the market will bring those out – it feels so nice to be in a place with good happy memories built into the walls.

Fun facts:

  • When the bathroom light is switched on, the power outlet in the room is turned off. Hairdrying, electric shaving, and any other bathroom electrical needs must be done in the dark as nature intended.
  • The original neighborhood by-laws, written in the 20s I think, state that we may not use the property for a cemetery.
  • Also┬áin the by-laws, we may not build a dwelling on the property under 100ft, unless it is for the servants quarters. So that’s good to know.
  • The attic is partially finished, with the seams in the cardboard-thin wallboard taped with masking tape.
  • Do you like look of shag carpet but don’t want the hassle of a thick, soft, dirt/small-toy eating floor? Do like us and go with vinyl in a 3-d-look shag pattern! (Also comes in berber).

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