Summer Afternoon


She takes off with the pink stroller down the walk. Going outside these days usually involves a stroller and a selection of much beloved babies, or, today, a green plastic ball (also beloved). “This way, Mommy,” she says.


I follow, of course, pausing to pull a few weeds and stopping to take photos of the blossoms we pass. “Takin’ pictures, Mommy?” she asks.


pink flower




061414_1183 061414_1186

Two is amazing. Challenging in all the ways one hears about, but so fun. Every day she surprises me with a new phrase or the ability to share a thought or an observation. She makes jokes and plays with words and sometimes wants to say things that are a little too complicated and the words just won’t come out properly and she tries and tries and stumbles over the syllables and then finally figures it out.


I see the things we do reflected in her actions all the time now. Funny things, like calling her daddy “Honey”; sweet things, like the way she rocks her babies to sleep. But also the way she pushes the dog away from her chair, reminding me to be ever more aware of even my smallest actions. Seeing her try on my shoes, grab her play phone to “work” when I’m on the phone, examine my face washing technique – it is such an awesome responsibility and such an inspiration to do more, be more.



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