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Friday Links: What We’re Reading

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Friday Links, and our reading (particularly of the child/picture book variety) has changed quite a bit – we are into big picture book territory now! So here’s an update of our favorite books at the moment: Alfie and Annie Rose, by Shirley Hughes – there are a lot […]

Summer Afternoon

She takes off with the pink stroller down the walk. Going outside these days usually involves a stroller and a selection of much beloved babies, or, today, a green plastic ball (also beloved). “This way, Mommy,” she says. I follow, of course, pausing to pull a few weeds and stopping to take photos of the […]

Our Holiday Card

I really love the holiday card we sent out this year. Silhouettes are so fun – I think it is amazing how you can totally recognize a person just from their silhouette. So many friends and relatives who received these said they did a double take realizing the people on the card are really us! […]

Paint the Town

It started innocently enough. A few small fingerprints, a trail of tiny dots. Baby’s first Paint Experience. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. I avoided the yogurt-as-paint adaptation because I’d rather not blur the lines between art and food unnecessarily. This is tempera. Non-toxic. Definitely not tasty (though to […]

Wedding Cake

I made a cake yesterday for my father-in-law and his bride. They had a casual little ceremony at home with a few family members, followed by tea and sweets. The cake was chocolate with buttercream frosting. I’m not much of a cake decorator and we were short on time so the frosting was completed in […]

New Boots

While the holiday-decorated house is warm and cozy on these grey December days, there are afternoons when an active toddler must venture forth. Especially when there are new rain boots freshly purchased from the Tractor Supply. The first steps were a challenge, small feet and baby ankles adjusting to the new technique. The boots are […]

Vintage Bunny Illustration Party Invitations

Do you know the Graphics Fairy? Her site is a treasure trove of delightful illustrations, photographs, and ephemera, scanned at a high resolution and given away for free! I found this smart Gentleman Bunny there and used him for Baby Willow’s one year birthday party invitations.   We call the Baby our little Rabbit because […]

Culinary Traditions – List it Tuesday

I love food. My family – immediate and extended as far as I have known – also loves food. I was lucky to grow up in a family that cooked, though of course I never realized as a child how much work that really means. My parents, typically my mom (though dad is no slouch […]

A New Year

We began the new year with a short walk in the desert just before sunset. My parents and their little dog, Baby and C. and I along a little dirt road. It was chilly but bright and the cacti stood tall against the blue Arizona sky. We drove the desert loop road afterwards, stopping for […]


I am so Thankful this year. It’s been a huge, enormous, whirlwind, turning our lives inside out and upside down sort of year. But in this case I think we were actually turned right side in and top side up and now we are, maybe, starting to get to where we are supposed to be.