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A Year Went By

Full circle, since my last post with holiday letterpress prints… a year has passed and so much has changed. But here I am, back with another holiday pressing update, proving that many things also remain the same! This past weekend I had a booth at the Charlottesville Waldorf School Annual Holiday Bazaar, my first foray […]

On Delegating and Collaboration

I’ve been thinking about delegating lately. Working freelance, I’m on my own quite a bit with my projects and if I come across something I haven’t done before, I quite enjoy learning how to do it. Usually. There have been times when it seemed a concept was floating just out of grasp and handing it […]

Friday Links – Books and Such

— Someday, when we live in a place where people walk around the neighborhood, I’d like to build a¬†Little Free Library. Besides being such a great community contribution, the little structures themselves are amazingly creative and would be such fun to design. Would your neighborhood use a free book exchange? — Cam found a copy […]

Culinary Traditions – List it Tuesday

I love food. My family – immediate and extended as far as I have known – also loves food. I was lucky to grow up in a family that cooked, though of course I never realized as a child how much work that really means. My parents, typically my mom (though dad is no slouch […]

List it Tuesday

I’ve always been a fairly ambivalent about celebrating the New Year. The whole countdown thing seems fairly contrived and the celebration at midnight… meh. And making resolutions? ¬†Total cliche and basically a institutionalized set up for failure. I do like champagne though, so… not a total party-pooper. This year has been a little different though. […]

Life is Amazing

Have you ever had one of those moments where you can almost comprehend how incredible life is? I remember it happening once in first grade. It’s the only time I can actually remember vividly – I was sitting sideways on a little wooden chair in our classroom and was suddenly overwhelmed by the knowledge that […]

AEDM Week One

Well, thus far I have not done so well with Art Every Day Month. I have done a little better with the doing than the blogging, in that I have really made an effort to do something creative most every day. And sometimes that something has been unrelated to work, which is awesome. There’s not […]

Art Every Day Month

It’s November… Art Every Day Month! I’m going to give this a try again. OK. Now I have one hour and 17 minutes to make something for the first day.