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On Delegating and Collaboration

I’ve been thinking about delegating lately. Working freelance, I’m on my own quite a bit with my projects and if I come across something I haven’t done before, I quite enjoy learning how to do it. Usually. There have been times when it seemed a concept was floating just out of grasp and handing it […]

Friday Links – Catching Up

An eternity is the time from when an airplane has landed to when you are allowed to disembark. It is also the definition of March. We aren’t giving up hope, we know Spring will come as it always has. We have garden beds turned over, thanks to a gardening friend who visited last week. Seeds […]

One Of A Kind

This is a website I recently finished building, for the wonderful Maggie Sherman of One Of A Kind B’n’B in Burlington VT. It was designed by Linda Provost¬†(also of Burlington). She and Maggie came up with the design and sent me PDFs, and then I rebuilt it as a website.¬†It’s usually fun to work this […]