A Year Went By

charlottesville virginia handprinted letterpress poetry on handmade recycled paper

Full circle, since my last post with holiday letterpress prints… a year has passed and so much has changed. But here I am, back with another holiday pressing update, proving that many things also remain the same!

letterpress printing charlottesville virginia

This past weekend I had a booth at the Charlottesville Waldorf School Annual Holiday Bazaar, my first foray into the real life public realm with my letterpress goods. And everyone was so nice and supportive! I have no idea why they wouldn’t be, especially that particular crowd, but I admit to a certain trepidation at any sort of public display. Being self-taught at the letterpress and in most of my design work, there’s nearly always a certain level of feeling like an imposter – I find myself expecting someone to call my bluff.

Amanda Polson charlottesville va letterpress studio

And no one did. OBVIOUSLY. Because that would be ridiculous. And because at this point I actually do sort of know what I’m doing, not as much as I can and will with more learning and practice, but enough to share the art and get other people excited about it too. Enough to create lovely things that make people happy. Which is really the point.

letterpress cards and prints hand made in charlottesville va

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