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Our Itsy-Bitsy Home

As of last week, we are the owners of this little matchbox home in Charlottesville, Virginia. We have big plans and a tiny budget: a challenge for sure, but an exciting one! This is the listing photo, so it already looks a bit different, but there are many more updates and re-arrangements to be done […]

On Delegating and Collaboration

I’ve been thinking about delegating lately. Working freelance, I’m on my own quite a bit with my projects and if I come across something I haven’t done before, I quite enjoy learning how to do it. Usually. There have been times when it seemed a concept was floating just out of grasp and handing it […]

Summer Afternoon

She takes off with the pink stroller down the walk. Going outside these days usually involves a stroller and a selection of much beloved babies, or, today, a green plastic ball (also beloved). “This way, Mommy,” she says. I follow, of course, pausing to pull a few weeds and stopping to take photos of the […]

Friday Links

My week went off the tracks a bit yesterday and now I’m up way too late again, not finishing the work I should have completed. Another week nearly done. Breakfasts to plan for Inn guests this weekend and post-holiday cleaning to complete (what, it’s the middle of January already? How did that happen?!). Here are […]

New Boots

While the holiday-decorated house is warm and cozy on these grey December days, there are afternoons when an active toddler must venture forth. Especially when there are new rain boots freshly purchased from the Tractor Supply. The first steps were a challenge, small feet and baby ankles adjusting to the new technique. The boots are […]

Guardian of the Garden

My garden is slow going this year. Which is still, sadly, an improvement on last year. I’ve turned over four and 1/2 beds, down below the barn conveniently next door to the manure pile. This is a first time garden, in rocky Virginia clay, so the digging was not an easy task. The full beds […]

Losing It

So you know how every time you move, things are mysteriously lost? For instance, my pink stuffed pig never showed up after a move my family made when I was 6 (I still miss you, Pinky Pig!). This past move, I lost some very specific and necessary items: my scissors and my exacto knives. And […]

Sleep Fail

The highly anticipated Good Night’s Sleep did not happen. And tonight is not looking so good either. But isn’t that how it goes? Just when we think we’ve got things figured out, baby goes and switches it all up. Of course, this means she is growing and developing and that is a very good thing… […]

List it Tuesday

I’ve always been a fairly ambivalent about celebrating the New Year. The whole countdown thing seems fairly contrived and the celebration at midnight… meh. And making resolutions?  Total cliche and basically a institutionalized set up for failure. I do like champagne though, so… not a total party-pooper. This year has been a little different though. […]

One Of A Kind

This is a website I recently finished building, for the wonderful Maggie Sherman of One Of A Kind B’n’B in Burlington VT. It was designed by Linda Provost (also of Burlington). She and Maggie came up with the design and sent me PDFs, and then I rebuilt it as a website. It’s usually fun to work this […]