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Friday Links: What We’re Reading

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Friday Links, and our reading (particularly of the child/picture book variety) has changed quite a bit – we are into big picture book territory now! So here’s an update of our favorite books at the moment: Alfie and Annie Rose, by Shirley Hughes – there are a lot […]

Summer Afternoon

She takes off with the pink stroller down the walk. Going outside these days usually involves a stroller and a selection of much beloved babies, or, today, a green plastic ball (also beloved). “This way, Mommy,” she says. I follow, of course, pausing to pull a few weeds and stopping to take photos of the […]

Friday Links – Books and Such

— Someday, when we live in a place where people walk around the neighborhood, I’d like to build a Little Free Library. Besides being such a great community contribution, the little structures themselves are amazingly creative and would be such fun to design. Would your neighborhood use a free book exchange? — Cam found a copy […]

Paint the Town

It started innocently enough. A few small fingerprints, a trail of tiny dots. Baby’s first Paint Experience. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. I avoided the yogurt-as-paint adaptation because I’d rather not blur the lines between art and food unnecessarily. This is tempera. Non-toxic. Definitely not tasty (though to […]