List it Tuesday

I’ve always been a fairly ambivalent about celebrating the New Year. The whole countdown thing seems fairly contrived and the celebration at midnight… meh. And making resolutions? ┬áTotal cliche and basically a institutionalized set up for failure. I do like champagne though, so… not a total party-pooper.

This year has been a little different though. My life changed so dramatically in the past year, I really needed a mental stop sign to remind me to focus on the important things. Of course its not really a stop sign, its maybe more like passing GO (minus the $200? I’m clearly not so good at the metaphors). Point being, this year I am finally coming around to this New Year thing. I am ready for a fresh, energetic start. I’m ready to lose a few things (pounds, really. Talk about cliche), gain a few things, change things up. Here are a few of my New Things for the New Year:

  1. I acquired a Nordic Track yesterday. Yes, it is sort of a dinosaur in the exercise world, usually the sort of thing people are trying to remove from their basements rather than haul in. But I’ve got at least 2 or 3 seasons of How I Met Your Mother to get through, and I do not intend to watch them on the couch.
  2. A wacom tablet has finally entered my life. It is pretty ridiculous that I’ve been doing computer graphic work for so long without it, but things are going to change!
  3. I bought a new pack of needles for my serger and I’m looking forward to doing some sewing.
  4. Also picked up a couple books of scrapbooking paper. Mostly because it’s pretty and fun and I had some Christmas money and a little extra time at the craft store… but I would like to put together our wedding album.
  5. This last one isn’t really me, but baby made it through the worst of cutting her two top front teeth yesterday. So tonight, maybe, we will sleep… at least for a little while.

List it Tuesday is an Artsyville project.



7 Responses to “List it Tuesday”

  1. Lynn Fisher writes:

    Glad you have joined us. Great list, if inspires me go get moving after the long eatting holidays : )
    Sleep well!

  2. Tricia writes:

    I’ve had a Wacom tablet for awhile, but got a little frustrated when trying to use it at first. It’s on my January to-do list to learn how to use it properly. Would love you hear how you do with yours! :)

  3. amy writes:

    New teeth are definitely something to celebrate for the parents as well as the child!

  4. storybeader writes:

    congrats. to baby. I always make goals, something to keep me on track. And if I don’t complete the goal? Tough luck, too bad, wait for another day, start over again! Have fun with the Nordic Track! {:-D

  5. Em writes:

    Hi! I have a Wacom tablet and I’minterested in how you like yours. (I have yet to set mine up, because I keep moving.) So it’s on my list of things to learn (probably soon).

    I love the idea of HIMYM and Nordic track. Hmmm. This is a good idea.

  6. textilerecycler writes:

    Ohhh, I keep forgetting about a Wacom tablet! I want to try one out, my hub is a wiz at it. Yipes, I need to blow the dust off my serger… but all kinds of other creative ideas keep getting in my way.. I think I should have added some of your list to my list! lol

  7. Amanda writes:

    Its so much fun! And super easy to set up (on a mac at least, that is all I know).

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