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I love food. My family – immediate and extended as far as I have known – also loves food. I was lucky to grow up in a family that cooked, though of course I never realized as a child how much work that really means. My parents, typically my mom (though dad is no slouch in the kitchen either), presented full meals most evenings in addition to working outside the home and keeping a small farm generally together. Organic food was (still is) extremely important, so we regularly drove 45 minutes to a bigger city to do our grocery shopping at the Food Co-op. My mother cannot enter a grocery store without going down each aisle, so grocery expeditions were an afternoon affair. To be honest, I enjoy a good stroll through the supermarket myself on occasion.

This week’s List it Tuesday topic from Artsyville is Culinary Traditions. Here are a few of ours…

  • Whenever we went to visit my grandmother, she would have a pot of soup waiting for us. It was usually (maybe always?) tomato with meatballs and made all the more memorable as we never arrived at her door before 1 or 2 in the morning. I can picture my sleepy family sitting in her dining room, eating soup in the small hours of the dawn.
  • My dad makes, according to himself, the World’s Best Mac-n-cheese. As a kid, my friends and I would down an alarming quantity in one sitting, bowl after delicious bowl. Actually, who am I kidding: we still pack it in pretty good. Dad still calls his the World’s Best, but I’m vying for the title these days…
  • My other grandmother, on the Southern side, traditionally whipped up a batch of fried chicken at least once per visit. Accompanied by the ubiquitous biscuits, “southern style” green beans (cooked with bacon to within an inch of their lives), and sundry other tasty and artery clogging items, this meal was always greeted with enthusiasm.
  • Christmas is full of culinary traditions. One of our most constant is rice pudding on Christmas morning.
  • For some unknown reason, one Christmas at around the ages of 7 & 10, my sister and I decided that the perfect gift for our mother would be a new spatula. Only problem was that the spatula she owned was perfectly decent. So, the concept of multiple spatula ownership apparently unknown to us, we set on a course of destroying the current model by vigorously chewing on it whenever the occasion presented itself (whilst cleaning it of cookie dough and cake batter, ideally). I don’t remember if by Christmas we felt we had succeeded enough to warrant the purchase, or if we actually purchased a new one at all in the end. I can’t wait to see what baby Willow selects as the perfect gifts in the years to come!  — edited to add: I forgot to write why this fits under traditions! Nowadays, we like to give spatulas at Christmas time, as a reminder of the random whims of childhood…

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5 Responses to “Culinary Traditions – List it Tuesday”

  1. Lynn Fisher writes:

    Beautifully written traditions.. I think I’m I’m love with your lovely family of cooks! Rice pudding for Christmas morning and fried chicken in the south… What could be better!

  2. tina writes:

    Macaroni and Cheese!!! My absolute FAVORITE comfort food too!! (Did you see MY list?) My mother would ask every birthday what special dish would I like her to make for my birthday dinner, and I would ALWAYS ask for homemade macaroni and cheese. It’s been my favorite ever since!… Nice meeting you through List It Tuesday!

  3. NatashaMay writes:

    This was a fun read. I envy everyone that likes to cook. That gene has skipped not only my generation but my family entirely. :)

  4. Paula writes:

    I adore a good rice pudding, and my Baba (grandma) always had the soup going as well. Your spatula story is hilarious!

  5. Mary Walker writes:

    I love rice pudding it’s my number one comfort food.

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