AEDM Week One

Well, thus far I have not done so well with Art Every Day Month. I have done a little better with the doing than the blogging, in that I have really made an effort to do something creative most every day. And sometimes that something has been unrelated to work, which is awesome. There’s not been much actual art, but I think food is acceptable. And I’m going ahead and including some nursery design as well because it felt good to do.

Here’s what’s happened:

I did some non-descript sketching. Pfft. Nothing worth showing or even thinking about, except to remind myself that I need to get back in practice.

Pumpkin Mousse. Mmmm… This stuff is pretty awesome. Like whipped up pumpkin pie. I used this recipe sort of, except I used vanilla pudding instead of butterscotch (sort of by accident but it was good!), about twice as much pumpkin and cool whip, and I added nutmeg. I served it in crepes for a big breakfast, but I really preferred it straight up in a bowl. The photo is horrible but I’m including it anyway…

I also made some delicious apple sauce. Nothing too creative there, but I added apple cider to it and I think that made it extra rich and yummy. And so very Autumn.

We put together the baby’s crib. I’m calling that creative because it inspired me to get the nursery looking good. Still waiting on the mattress and I want to change the drapes, but it is really starting to become a sweet space.

My one little satisfying project was this needlefelted star for over the crib. It is small and simple but it makes me happy.

And that is week one for me. It can only get better from here.

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